More revenue on every flight

The SWIP Way

SWIP is a revolutionary Direct-To-Consumer shipping technology solution that empowers airlines to maximize cargo space and boost revenue.

What We Offer

Rapid Deployment

Revenue recognition within weeks, not months or years

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Cost & Yield Benefits

Immediate improvement to your bottom line

Lower Carbon

One step closer to your ​emission reduction ​commitments


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Zero Capex

Works with existing


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Works with existing

partners and vendors

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Tech Agnostic

Works with existing


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Safety & Compliance

Data-rich solutions to ensure compliance at every step

Futuristic tech.

SWIP works with your airline's existing cargo software, operational flows, and partners.

All that's needed is an API connection into your existing Cargo Management System


Why was SWIP created?

At SWIP we see airlines struggling with an “empty space” problem. On any given flight, the cargo hold below the passenger ​compartment can be up to 40% empty or more.* So SWIP was developed to fix this; to give airlines the ability to maximize ​yield on flights by fully filling unused cargo space with high-revenue parcels.

What doe SWIP do?

SWIP generates a pool of high-revenue cargo for airlines to tap into at a moment's notice when they have available space. Airlines can still work with their existing contracts and partners, while having a supplemental supply of cargo to fill passenger bellyholds and freighters when space is available. Say goodbye to the days of planes departing with partially-empty cargo holds!

How does SWIP work with my Airline?

SWIP works with your Airline’s existing cargo software, operational flows, and partners. With one simple integration, SWIP brings new levels of functionality and agility to your organization. All that is needed to start using SWIP is an API connection into your existing Cargo Management System. It’s that easy. SWIP handles the rest on our platform.

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